Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Much Anticipated Appointment

After last week's appointment and concern of umbilical blood flow, Michael and I were anxious to see how Baby H looked today! Thankfully, Mike was able to tag along as I think both of our fears were that they might find something that would cause a decision to induce or do a c-section sooner rather than later.

Of course the power of prayer is amazing. We were reminded of that again this morning when Dr. Levine announced that Baby H looked "great"! The ultrasound tech even echoed this, saying the same thing. Dr. Levine expressed he thought we had a happy baby that looked very good this week. The blood flow looked good, and there were no outstanding concerns at the appointment. After a quick exam, Dr. Levine also feels like Baby H will be staying put for at least another week. Of course, as any parent knows this could change within minutes, but we've now made it 38 weeks are are so very thankful!

We both got another big smile when the ultrasound tech finally got some 3D pictures of Baby H's face! After almost 8 ultrasounds and 2 echos, Baby H kept it's hands away from it's face and we got to make out a nose, eyes and lips! Hard to tell exactlly what we were seeing, but of course you could tell Baby H will be a cutie!

What a great appointment and gift God sent our way this week- during Holy Week- one of his biggest weeks! As Easter draws close, we feel closer to God than ever during this journey. What an incredible gift God gave each of us through Jesus and his death on the cross. He is Risen!

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