Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fun Facts About Blaise Andrew

It's another Saturday in the hospital. Luckily, a very uneventful Saturday. Besides routine vital checks, Mr. Blaise and mom dad really just hang out in his room. No other appointments or check ups today. The good news is that Blaise is turning into quite the little porker. On Friday he increased his cc intake quite a bit, and drank 60 a few times, and even had a snack of 30 in between a feeding in the middle of the night! This resulted in a much anticipated weight increase of 10 grams!!! YEA! Today he has been chugging right along, and as of his 2:00 feeding, is 30 cc ahead of this time yesterday. According to the cardiologist, they'll keep monitoring Blaise "a few more days." Since we've started off on the right direction, we know he'll keep on heading that way!

Since he hasn't gotten to meet anyone yet, here are some fun facts about Blaise.

1) He is named after Saint Blaisus, the healer of throats. We thought naming him after a Saint of Healing would be very appropriate. Andrew means warrior, or fighter. We also thought this had perfect meaning.

2) He has lots of very dark hair, but it actually has some light, highlighted tips, and his eyebrows are very light. They in fact look like they have a reddish tint, but dad refuses to think this.

3) You can tell exactly what he is thinking through his eyes. He has some pretty distinct looks of surprise and fear in his eyes.

4) He randomly scares himself all the time. He can be sound asleep and then jump and throw his hands straight in the air when he gets scared. This is really funny.

5) His hands have to be up by his face. He has been this way since the beginning, as he was like this in every ultrasound.

6) His two favorite things, that can console him at anytime, are his pacifier and being wrapped up tight in a receiving blanket. Do one of these two things, and he usually stops crying.

7) He can suck his pacifier like no body's business. He has been this way since the day he was born. Lots of the nurses have commented on how much he likes his pacifier.

8) He absolutely HATES getting his diaper changed. Of all the pokes and prods he has every day, getting his diaper changed makes him scream more than anything else. Mom and Dad usually tag team this, as the faster we get it done, the faster he calms down.

9) He is actually a very good baby. He rarely cries, or fusses. When he does cry, he pretty much goes all the way to screaming in an instant, and loves to hold his breath (and turn purple) when doing this.

10) He is for sure a nurse favorite. Several mornings when we get back, they have informed us that he spent the night being held at the nurses station. (Mom and Dad think this is great for the time being, but wonder what he'll be like at home in the middle of the night!)

We will try and think of some more to share with you~

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