Saturday, May 30, 2015


Since I'm falling so far behind with updates, I will wrap these two months into one. They obviously flew by, and we stayed busy and Mike was gone quite a bit. Overall updates include:
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- In March we went to see his cardiologist for his 9 month appointment. Blaise did absolutely wonderfully and charmed the socks of the drs and nurses. He wasn't scared of anything a single bit, and talked to everyone like a champ. We've decided he is in the running to be one of the kids on all of the children's hospital advertisements- it may have even been mentioned by one of his nurses! His saturations were at 82. I'd like to have seen them a little higher, but at least they weren't in the 70's. He was still small in weight at only 27 lbs. His echo looked unchanged- fantastic news! Dr. Danford decided that although most kids have the Fontan surgery done the summer after they turn 3, that because Blaise is still doing okay and they prefer kids to weigh 30 lbs before surgery (the success rate is much better when they are at that weight) that our goal is to wait until next summer. We go back in September to make sure everything is still going good. Blaise got the full clear to attend preschool in the fall with absolutely no restrictions! He can do everything and whatever he wants!

- Blaise loves to play outside. His favorite thing to do is "help" you. It really doesn't matter what it is. He HAS to do horse chores when at the farm. Help mow the yard, help cook supper, help dust etc. etc.

- He loves to sing- sometime he makes up the words and sometimes he gets quite a few words from a song right. He thinks "our songs' (mom dads and his favorites to sing on the radio) are Shake it Off and Uptown Funk. Although, when he sings Uptown Funk- the N doesn't always come out very clearly.

- He still has quite a few potty accidents during the day. Hoping we get here soon. He does great at night and wakes me up when he has to go in the middle of the night. He sleeps with quite the assortment of things in bed at night. I'm surprised there is any room for him.

- He goes to library time every Tuesday morning with Jess. Papa and monna Craig and Donna read to him on Facetime every night before bed and Blaise just absolutely loves it. He loves stories.

- He can count to ten, he gets good "runs" going on certain parts of the alphabet but still really struggles with his colors. He can point out the letter B and knows that what his name starts with. He will do preschool in the fall so hopefully this well help. 

- He is still an absolutely terrible eater. He gags on just about anything- and hates odd textures. I've learned quite a bit about his eating habits and do just about everything in my power to get calories in him at every meal. Prayers in this area are always welcome.

- Blaise turned Three on April 12th. He had a cowboy themed birthday party, complete with his pony GInger making the trip up so he could ride on him. Blaise loved his party, and loved opeining presents. We are so blessed each year to celebrate another year with him. I think we would give him the moon if we could! Instead, he got a new John Deere Gator to ride. One of our sweet neighbors also gave him a hand-down John Deere Tractor and wagon that's motorized. This kid loves to drive those things- but needs lots of adult supervision!!


- Sutton weighs in around 18 lbs. She has struggled a bit with her body strength. She can roll but that's it. No crawling, etc. She stands on her tippy tippy toes and is unbalanced when she stands. More to come on this in May update.

- She does really well with baby food- much better than Blaise ever did! Such a relief! She is happy happy happy, and loves to scream/screech when she is excited. She does a pretty good job of this at church too!

- Her hair is really starting to grow-and goes over her ears. She loves her baths!!

- Towards the end of April she is finally starting to sleep better. She loves being outside as much as anyone. We've cut down and are doing about 3 bottles a day is all.

- She can say mamama and dadadada pretty well. She is very laid back and chill. She can also wave bye-bye pretty good. We are working on so-big and peek a boo!!

- She still HATES her car seat and screams bloody murder everytime we put her in it! Can't wait until she can move into antoher one.

She also loves ginger the horse and gets so excited to pet and ride him and screams.

- Her personality is just very sweet sweet sweet.


The kids participated int he Easter Egg hunt here in Oakland at the nursing home. Blaise loved the easter bunny and did good searching for eggs.

We had Easter in Treynor and had an Easter Egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandma's where the Easter bunny brought lots of treats. We also had a hunt at Aunt Shelly's Blaise did really good at all of them and Sutton had a wonderful first easter.

Uncle Adams Wedding

Uncle Adam got married to Aunt Shelly in March and Blaise was the ring bearer. It was such a perfect fun night!! The kids did so great at it! Blaise wasn't so sure about going down the isle. He refused to wear the sports coat I bought him or carry his sign or pillow but he did walk down the isle!