Monday, May 23, 2016

It's Us Again- Upcoming Procedure

Well, its hard to believe it's been six months or longer since we've updated!! No news is good news, or in this case GREAT news!! We've been living a normal life, much like every other family. We couldn't be more blessed to seem normal on some days.

For a quick update: Blaise just finished 3 year old preschool this past week. He did wonderful for his first year. We couldn't be more proud, and the teacher says he's right where he should be for his age. Speaking of age, he turned 4 in April. He got a new bicycle that he loves riding and does excellent with. He is currently in Vacation Bible School, and will be doing some t-ball in June.
Sutton loves her big brother like crazy. She is talking a bit more and has the most wonderful personality. We love her like crazy. Our babysitter Jessie opened her own in home daycare in February so the kids have been going to her house now instead of ours. Oh, and our other big news is we are expecting a new baby the first of October! We just had our twenty week ultrasound, and right away saw a four chambered heart. We will still do a fetal echo at Children's in June to look closer at the heart.

Blaise's heart is still doing great PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Seriously. God is GOOD. We've never doubted that. He is amazing and Blaise is amazing. We had a six month check up with his cardiologist in March and Dr. Danford said he was good to go for another six months. He said his echo looked the same as last time and his SATS were around 84 so no need to put him through a heart surgery at this point. We'd like to beef him up a little bit as he only weighs around 30. At an appointment last week he was 32!!! WOO HOO! Kids who weigh more do better with the next heart surgery. If all goes as planned, his next heart surgery will be next summer.

So, onto our more "nerve-wracking" part of the update, and the reason for me dusting off this ol' blog thing again! Since Blaise is now 4 and hopefully someday looks back at this blog when he is older, I'm going to be a bit "vague" with specific details on this but know close family and friends will know more. Blaise was unable to have a Urology procedure done when he was born, and this winter Michael and I pursued the path to maybe have this done. At our first meeting with Dr. Donovan the Urologist at Children's, he immediately asked us how long Blaise had been having another Urology issue that was a bit more substantial or important. We were blindsided as this had never been mentioned before. We decide to wait until this Spring and set up another appointment to see if anything had changed. Well, we just had our appointment last week and it was determined that nothing had changed and Blaise would need one Urology surgery, with the option of the non-necessary second Michael and I originally pursued. Blaise will absolutely have to been under the watch of cardiology anesthesiology at Omaha CHildnre's when going through these procedures. While out-patient on 'Normal" kids, for Blaise this is going to be quite serious. We will be putting a kid who functions on half a heart under anesthesia for a four hour procedure. We have no idea how his heart is going to react, but it has been approved by his cardiologist. We trust God and know he will keep a watchful eye on Blaise, the anesthesiologist and surgeon and get through this with flying colors and put it behind us. But it's going to be TOUGH!! We can do nothing but put our full trust in God. As his mom, I obviously can't think about it without crying (pregnancy hormones). We have a fun few weeks planned before his June 16 surgery at 7 am. We will keep this blog updated as the time nears and through surgery. We ask for your prayers, as we know prayers can do miracles!