Sunday, April 22, 2012

No News is Good News

Well, it's been pretty quiet on the 5th Floor, which we welcome with open arms, and thank God for providing us with days like these. The heart team has been through each day with reports of "he looks good", and it makes us so proud of Blaise to hear this! He is our hero, and we look at him and cannot feel more love, and be more proud parents of how tough he is, his fighting character and strength. How incredible and lucky that we get to experience a child blessed by God. Blaise is our inspiration and has taught us how strong love can be.

On the medical front, Blaise has done a great job of impressing everyone. He continues to get an EKG every other day, along with Lasix and Lovonox shots. He is starting to tolerate the shots a little bit more (either that or his parents are!) We think we might be ready to tackle learning this procedure Monday or Tuesday. Today one of the surgeon removed a few of the stitches on his chest, the rest should all dissolve.

Our biggest task right now continues to be his feeding. While not at 100% he has been fairly good at getting around 60% or so of his feed down each time. The doctors are fairly pleased with this, but would like to see it closer to 100%. Heart babies always have issues with feeding, so we feel pretty happy with what he is taking, but would love to see him take more. It's hard not to get discouraged, but when you see how hard he is trying, and how it makes him so tired we just try to keep thinking positive thoughts. Today he seems to be a bit more tired, and hasn't gotten down quite as much, but we know God has great things in store for Blaise tomorrow! We know he can do all 60!

Tonight we hope you join us in thanking God for all of the great things he has done for Blaise, and how well his recovery has gone. We ask for prayers for continued improvement with his feeding.

Love, Michael, Erin & Blaise



  1. Erin and Mike ~ You two have a very handsome little man! I love his hair! Every time you update with pictures, he steals my heart a little more. I cannot wait to meet him!

    Blaise - You are one lucky little boy to have such awesome and loving parents. You are only a little over a week old and they are deeply in love with you! We pray for you and your heart every singe night. Brayden makes little noises every night when we pray and say your name, he wants to play with you! Keep up the hard work buddy and we'll keep praying!

    We love all of you!!

    Love ~ The Peterson's

  2. Okay, seriously...He could not get any cuter!! Love him!! Continuing to pray!