Monday, April 16, 2012

Praise for Blaise

Blaise keeps putting check marks in the things to complete column! Today he went completely off any sort of air assist and is breathing on his own. He also lost some more lines. He has started eating completly from a bottle breast milk all day now. Mom and dad have done all the feedings and changed his diapers.

This morning all of the heart doctors had their weekly meeting and came to discuss with us afterwards. They heavily repeated the message from last Friday which is that Blaise's heart is built in a very very rare and difficult way. His coronary arteries are the source of most of this, and they explained again how serious his case was and how much unknown there is. They are not ready to go down the heart transplant route at this time.

We have decided that he is doing amazing and will enjoy each day and not worry about the unknown. We thank God for Blaise's strength and showing us so many miracles already. We pray for God to keep Blaise's heart happy and healthy.

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  1. E-

    Thank you for the updates! I am praying daily for Blaise, you and Michael. This is all a part of God's sovereign plan. Glory to Him.

    Lots of love from the Farmers!