Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Picture Update

After meeting with the feeding specialist yesterday, Blaise's feedings went much better! Dr. Hammel came to visit first thing this morning and decided it was time to pull the feeding tube, and let Blaise try out feeding all by himself. This was a big change for mom and dad, as we don't have to stick to the strict schedule that had lined up, and instead of tube feeding him whatever he doesn't eat, he only gets what he does actually eat. This is a little more stressful because he cannot get dehydrated with his heart, and in order to gain weight will need to keep taking in the 60 cc's.

So, today has been a trial run without the tube and hasn't gone too bad. He has taken over 35 cc's each time, which is better than 50 %, so the tube will stay out for now. We are praying that he continues to do good and eating, and gets back to that 60 cc level and also gains some weight. The cardiologists indicate that they will watch him for a few more days and determine how he is doing before sending him home.

In other news- today Blaise had an ECHO done, had blood drawn (they had to poke him twice) and had a second feeding class. He really didn't like the first two of these and screamed non-stop for almost an hour and half. It was a long morning! Mom and Dad learned how to use the scale we will be taking home, the pulse oximeter that will come home with us, how to use the car seat bed, and it got installed in mom's car.

Now for some new pictures!!!

Wire free!! Holding Blaise for the first time anywhere we want!

Mom holding Blaise hook-up free!

Demonstrating the new feeding holding position. On his side!
No feeding tube!! Just this big ol' thing on my arm, which holds one of my lines in place.


  1. Loving the pictures!! Can't wait to meet this little guy!!

  2. Blaise is the SO precious. He looks just like his daddy! I get teary-eyed each time I read your blog. Praying for Blaise and his mom & dad! :) Love, Mamma J.