Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Deep Breaths

So much has been happening around the Hartwell House! I'm sure I'll miss quite a few things when doing this blog update, but I'll for sure get the highlights. Of course I want to put down some of the cutest things Blaise is currently doing just so I don't forget! His vobaculary has just totally taken off! He repeats almost anything these days and is saying so many things! My favorite words of his are noodle and cookie, basically because he has a hard time saying either of them. Noodle is more like nononono and cookie is co co co cookie. If there is a chance it's barely warm enough to go outside, by gosh we better be outside because he LOVES it! He can go down our stairs now just holding onto your hand and has moved past the sit and scoot down the steps. We've almost got all of his teeth in, but are still working on some. He is totally obsessed with trains right now. Everything is choo-choo.  Now on to some more happenings.

A few weeks back, our babysitter on Monday text me about 3 to say Blaise had a temp. I headed home from work and indeed he did. I gave him some Tylenol and it seemed to get a bit better. He fell asleep and about 6:30 woke up crying OWIE and all of a sudden started breathing really weird (almost like he was panting couldn't catch his breath) and was shaking. Of course, I totally freaked out calling his dad who was out at the truck shed and Grandma Peg saying that something was definitely wrong with him. By the time Mike flew in the driveway I was headed out with a blanket over Blaise's head for warmth yelling we needed to get to Omaha. After talking some sense into me, we decided to just head to Oakland's ER. When we got there they took his temperature right away and it registered at 105. They explained his breathing/shaking symptoms were from a high temperature. I was already on the phone with Children's Cardiology because of course the first thing I think when he breathes weird is that something is wrong with his heart. After much reassuring and some more Tylenol his temp went down and we headed home. They said he was having early signs of a high-temperature seizure. Thanks to all who said prayers while I was freaking out.  He had a temp for the next few days, and his pediatriciation thought maybe it was a virus the next day. Well, come to find out Hand Foot and Mouth was going around and he had been exposed to it. A few days later the infamous spots showed up and he refused to eat or drink anything due to the ones in his mouth and throat. After a few more worrisome days of thinking he might be dehydrated he started to turn the corner. After a good almost ten days the spots finally went away. Let's just say I HATE that virus!

Mike and I got away to a wedding in Kearney for a weekend since he was a groomsmen. It was fun to do something just the two of us and Blaise spent almost three days at Grandpa and Grandma Sudmann's. I'm sure he got in plenty of horse petting, tractor rides etc.

Blaise recently had his last RSV/Synagis shot. He weighted in at 23 lbs 5 oz. I was really hoping that he could get to 24 lbs before his 2nd birthday. He still has about two weeks to go, so hopefully he packs on the pounds.  Mike got to go with to this last shot and witness how miserable they are. Blaise cries the WHOLE time since he knows what is coming, and this time was yelling OWIE before they even gave the shot. So glad these are over for awhile!

Our other exciting news is that we had our ultrasound for Baby H Two. Right away, before the ulstrasound tech said it, Mike and I could tell this baby has a four chambered heart! So much relief and such a different experience than with Blaise. According to the ultrasound this baby is measuring ahead of schedule AGAIN and is estimated due around July 14th now. They aren't changing the due date but going early would be fine since my sister Jenna is due July 24th. The further apart we can get them the better! They also said the baby weighted 17 oz making it in the 87%!! What in the world? I"ve never heard a number that big before! Even when pregnant with Blaise they estimated him small and I went on a high protein diet to help the baby gain weight. I have a feeling we are in for a totally different experience this time round.

As exciting as a healthy baby is, of course a part of me can't help but be extremely sad for Blaise. How hard it will be fore him to see a healthy brother or sister that never has to worry about what tomorrow brings, the unknowns of their future and the repeated doctors appointments open heart surgeries and having half a heart. It weighs very heavy on this mom's heart. I'm sad that our pregnancy with him was full of stress and anxiety. I'm sad that soon I"ll have to start explaining to him that he is different that everyone else. Phew. Pregnant hormones are crazy!

I'll update pictures soon!