Sunday, August 17, 2014

Woah! Being a mom of two has been very busy! We are getting the swing of it, so I'm finally getting around to updating again.

Blaise and Sutton are doing good. Blaise is such a big helper when it comes to being a big brother. Sutton has been refered to as "that baby" a puppy and a monkey. He is coming around, and often gives her kisses and tells her "I love you Sutton". Melts my heart!  He likes to tell me when the baby's eyes are open, what she is looking at and that the baby is talking. He wants to pick her up, hold her, change her diaper etc. etc. I've decided she is more of a toy/entertainment piece for him than anything. She's getting used to the prodding and bumping and roughness from her big brother.

After originally having weird tempertatures, we decided that was probably just how she was going to be, and stopped worrying about it. At her two week appointment she had gained back her birth weight and weighted 6 lbs 7 oz. She is now 5 weeks old, and I'm estimating that she weights in the neighborhood of 8.5 lbs. She isn't a great nurser, she falls asleep. She has also been very fussy. Likes to cry a lot and has spells at night of two hours or more of constant crying. It seems like she has lots of gas and problems passing it. We've just started her on some reflux medicine and will see if that helps. I think she would sleep through the night if I'd let her. I'm always waking her up to eat.  As of today, we have worn our first 3 month and not newborn outfit. When she isn't sleeping and awaking and not fussing it's fun to see her coo and a little personality.

The Saturday after she was born we took a day trip to see our new newphew/cousin Everett. It was fun getting all the kids together, comparing and getting pictures. Blaise, Sutton and myself spent a few days at Grandpa and Grandma Sudmann's the week after when dad was gone trucking for a few days.  Blaise LOVES the farm. He does great hanging out with Papa by himself now and he did great eating lots of sweet corn off the cob. We took him to my county fair Westfair and he enjoyed it.

The Hartwell clan from Aberdeen and GG Glenn were all here for the county fair. We did it all! Lots of long days but it was fun. Sutton was a great trooper, slept most of the time in her stroller. Blaise rode some carnival rides and thought they were the greatest. He also showed his very first calf in the pee wee showman. Karly Cull helped him show her calf, and he was never scared, smiling from ear to ear as he walked in the ring. Oh boy, here we go- I see lots of cattle shows in our future!

We also spent a few more days down in Treynor- Sutton and Blaise got to see their cousin Everett again and we had a good time together. Recently we've all gone to a wedding together and survived, as well as our first Applebee's outing and grocery store trip. We've made it to church twice.

I'm going to make some general milestone marks for both kids:

Blaise: current favorite words include: Tomorrow: Why: Babies Eyes are Open: County Fair
He is scared of Kitty's in his room at night. He has actually done a little better eating this past week. He would live outside if he could. He loves his "neighbors" Brady and Maycie. He potties on the potty every once in a while, knows where we are going on car rides, pretends to count. He tries do sing and do patty cake with Sutton's feet.

Sutton: likes to cry. a lot. She has a little bit of baby acne right now. She usually sleeps without a swaddle at night, and has lots and lots of gas we are trying to figure out. She has been constipated, and finally some prune juice worked for her. She still has all of her newborn hair.