Thursday, March 28, 2013

Outta my way!

We were able to go outside this week after work, and we went straight to the end of the driveway gave Blaise his walker that he pushes and walks behind and this is immediately what he did. He took off straight down the street! I think he would have gone to the end of the block, had we not stopped him. He was practically running! He is doing so good!

Blaise got his last RSV shot (for this year) tonight. He weighed in at a whopping 19 lbs 11 oz! I'm so proud of him for this! He tripled his birth weight, which is what they would like, and might actually top the scales at 20 lbs by his first birthday in two weeks! GO BLAISE GO!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Look Out World!

Look out world! Blaise is making his grand appearances! Not quite, but we are venturing out little by little. This weekend he got to experience Hy-Vee and Valentino's in Fremont. On Sunday he went to the 4-H Pancake feed in Oakland. He takes all of these new experiences in stride, and for the most part is a very very good little boy. I was a little worried about how he would react to all of these new things, and thought he might get very scared and cry. Instead, he is very interested and intrigued by it all. He is doing great!

We are slowly but surely trying to get this table food thing figured out. Jessica, his babysitter, was able to get him to eat almost half a banana today, and tonight I fed him some Gerber baby ravioli things that he did really good with. We are getting there!

Here are a few pictures.

 Eating food- very messy!
 Sampling mashed potatoes at Valentinos!
 Got my green on for St. Patricks Day.
Meeting the cows. I yelled and talked to them. Lots. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mr. 11 Months!

Blaise is 11 months old today! Oh what a joy he is!

We've been living a fairly normal life, and are so thankful for that! God shows us everyday how great HE is!

Blaise's favorite mode of transportation is walking. He will only walk when holding on to fingers on BOTH of our hands though. I've tried to make him hold just my right hand, and he is immediatly reaching for the other. He can also cruise around the house by holding on to his walker. He can pass back and forth from the couch to the coffee table and once and awhile if he is brave enough will lunge foward into my arms holding on to nothing.

It warmed up enough the other day that I was able to take him outside and let him walk by outside for the first time! Last fall he was always just pushed in strollers! He was pretty dazed and amazed and did more stumbling around looking at the "outside" world than anything. He went straight to the grass and reached out to touch the leaves. Poor baby is just starting to realize there is a whole other world beyond our living room! He now will walk right over to the front door and reach for the handle acting like he wants to go outside. He loves it!

Blaise has now also made trips to see grandpa at Red Barn, the grocery store in Oakland and Subway in Tekamah. Slowly but surely, we are venturing out!

He is still pretty behind on the eating department. We've conquered Saltine crackers, graham crackers, cottage cheese, little bites of toast and waffles and that's about it. He pretty much loves to put the food in his mouth, but will just hold it in his cheeks instead of chewing and swallowing. We keep trying every day, and hopefully he will get there soon.

He also still gets a bottle/pacifier once or twice a night. I am VERY ready for this to be over! We've graduated to all 12 month or 12-18 month clothing.

Blaise also LOVES Grandpa and Grandma Hartwell's dog Cartman. He screams with joy non-stop while visiting him. Last night, Cartman learned that if he sticks pretty close to Blaise's high chair during supper, he will get a treat. We caught Blaise with a handful of cottage cheese hanging over the edge, with Cartman licking it clean! Too funny!

The next few weeks will be in fast-forward! We have Easter, followed by a trip to Garden City, Kansas for Great-Grandpa Voth's 90th birthday, then Blaises first birthday and one-year old pictures the weekend after that! PHEW!

 Mom and Dad before the Zac Brown Band concert- first outing in almost a year!
 My shirt has a semi-truck on it- just like my dad drives!

 Dad- I can drive your pickup!
 How mom occupies me in the kitchen.
 Hey guys! Look at me now! Cruising around Children's at my appointment
 I think baseball caps are so much fun!
 Just woke up!
 Surprise! Dad is home! He got me out of my crib this morning- to my surprise!
 Messy cottage cheese!
 One of my favorite games, chasing mom and dad around the coffee table playing hide and seek
 I found dad's cattle magazine pile. But, also got brave and am standing up leaning against the couch without holding on
 What's in this box?
 Cute boy!
 First walk outisde
 Cruising down the couch
 Sticking out my tongue! I still have NO teeth!
 I'm over these pictures mom- let's go!
11 months old!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Happy

Blaise survived his RSV/synagis shot on Wednesday night just fine We bumped it up a night early because I was a bit worried about this cold he has been fighting. They reassured me it was just a cold, but even today it still hasn't shown much improvement.

Blaise's appointment at Children's went very good!!  He sat through everything as perfect as we could expect. Hardly any tears!!  He was such an angel and we are very proud of him! The ECHO was reviewed by Dr. Danford, and he said he was doing very good and the Glenn was working just like it should! Hoorah!!! He said he didn't need to see him for six months!! WOW! That will make it early next fall. Everyone thought he looked just great. His SAT levels were only at the 81-80 mark, which of course made this mom VERY nervous, but Dr. Danford said that Glenn kids run a little lower and with his cold this should be just fine. A normal human's is at 100, and even some Glenn kids can be int he lower 90's. Ideally the upper 80's would have sounded a bit better.

Other than that, he weighed in at 18 lbs 4 oz (15%) and height was right at 50%!

On the way to the appointment I read an article about a lady with the exact same heart defect, who is now 30 years old and works at Children's Hospital in Boston. How awesome! 

Thank you to each and every one of you for your prayers before this appointment! God heard them just like always!