Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Second Mothers Day

What a super second Mothers Day! I can't believe how long its been since I've blogged. No news is always good news! With the change in weather (finally) we've been outside non-stop. Blaise just loves, loves, loves the outdoors. We are out there almost all afternoon and night with him. He has a very big obsession with our neighbors Maycee and Brady and their dog Bolt. He could watch them play for hours on end. I think being able to be outside so much has kept me from doing things like updating the blog! Blaise loves to color with sidewalk chalk, go for walks, dig in the dirt and pebbles and help dad do chores. He follows right behind Mike, and tries to carry the feed buckets that are as big as him. He grabs the handles in one hand, my hand in his other and drags the bucket at his side as he chases dad!

We still have no teeth, but are doing considerably better on eating. As long as I feed him fruit, bread, bologna or hot dogs he'll eat with no problem! I guess there is nothing wrong with that kind if diet right?! He communicates pretty well, but only because we usually know what he is wanting. Still not very many actual words. Just ma, da and ba.  I'm almost positive this kid could totally walk by himself, but he is pretty stubborn. The way he sees it, he's not going to walk anywhere unless he has one hand being held onto by someone. He did graduate from the army crawl to regular crawling now.

We had to do a follow up appointment for his lack of weight gain, and went back last week and he is up to 20 lbs 3 oz. Still a super small guy, but at least there was a gain. We will keep trying to pack in the food and hopefully the pounds.

What a diffrence a year makes. Last year on Mothers Day I believe we went for our first stroller ride. I know everyone will agree. There's no better feeling than being a mom!

Blaise has also made an official trip to the zoo, spent some nights at Grandpa and Grandma Sudmann's, helped with yard work, ate at a few restaurants, went to Scheels, and makes regular trips to Hy-Vee now with mom. Of course I'm biased, but I'm a little surprised and how many comments he gets about being a cute kid! He is pretty darn special!

Pro one year old pictures

 cleaning out the fridge
 Riding my bike!
 Eating crackers on the deck!
Petting the goats at the zoo
Gotta eat all the ice cream in the bowl
 Helping dad change his tires on his semi
 I love to go shoppoing
 playing in the grass
 pulling weeds with dad
Mothers day  at Texas Roadhouse