Friday, April 27, 2012

Late Night

Well, it's kind of the same story around here. Blaise has been eating pretty good- mom and dad are very proud of how he is doing! The surgeon and cardiologist were also pretty happy with how he did on Wednesday. However, when he was weighed Thursday morning, he hadn't gained weight, but lost 5 grams. Blaise did really good again Thursday (in our eyes- he was always above 50% and did about 40 cc's each time). However, his weight this morning stayed the same- no increase. We will wait for doctors to round and see what they have to say about possibly putting feeding tube back in or not.

He is really such a sweet, loveable boy who has the best expressions. The hardest part is seeing him get upset when he is poked and prodded. You can see in his eyes every time he gets scared and it is the saddest thing. Many parents talk about how hard it is to see their kids get shots, and I would say watching him go through everything he has to is about 1,000 times worse. It's hard knowing he has no idea what is going on. He has vitals taken about 8 times a day, which he hates! His cry/scream is heartbreaking!

Wednesday night, when changing his diapers, Mike and I noticed a little bit of blood in his stool. The nurse had the doctor on the floor come look at it, and they decided it wasn't significant enough to worry about. Last night, at about 9 pm, Mike and I noticed blood again in his stool, and it was a bit more this time. They doctors decided to go ahead and schedule an x-ray, re-test his lovonox (blood thinner levels) and pulled him off all of his feeds for the time being. Blaise had a pretty terrible night, as he went through the xray where they have to take off all blankets, clothes, diapers and hold him down tight on a cold hard table. He screamed non-stop. Then we came back upstairs to have blood drawn (he had just had this done the day before too) and of course it took two pokes and tries to get enough blood for their use. Again, non-stop screaming right during his feeding time when we couldn't feed him. We were able to console him enough until the xray results came back, which did not show anything bad. They went ahead and let us feed him. We were able to get back to the Rainbow House about 1 am. This morning they said his Lovonox levels were also fine, so waiting to see what they think the problem was. We are thankful that God once again showered us with his love during our late night prayers that everything would be okay!

In other news, Blaise has been part of our lives for two weeks! So hard to believe and so hard to imagine life before without him! What an incredible gift from God!

It took dad about 10 tries to get this picture of  Blaise showing his muscles and smiling!
Blaise in his two-week birthday picture outfit!
After getting his bath!

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