Thursday, April 12, 2012

First day of life

I am typing this from my iPhone so I apologize for misspellings! We will try and update more when time allows. Blaise was handed over to icu right after birth. He came out screaming and crying what a relief! He has a full head of dark hair. He has been breathing good since birth and he has been able to stay off oxygen. The nicu team at Methodist thought hebliiked great! He has great color too! Mike went with Blaise and after finishing up the c section they let me go see Blaise before he left for childrens. I got to hold him for a few minutes. mike followed him and so did both of our parents. He had an echo done on his heart and then dr danford and dr delaney, the cath surgeon, looked over them and met with mike. Blaise will have a heart cath done by dr delaney tmrw at 9 am. We ask for non stop prayers that the arteries look good and they can do surgery option one. If not we will do the three surgery process. Blaise is doing do so good and the nurses have fallen in love with him. We loves sucking and they got him to suck on a binky for a bit. He loves sucking on his fingers.

I got good news that at 7 tonight they Gould betransfering me to the Methodist hospital attached to childrens. I was able to see Blaise tonight and stare in awe of him. Father Paul came down late tonight and baptized Blaise- we are very thankful for this.

Prayers tonight for a successful heart cath and good news resulting from this.


  1. Thank you for the update, E. Praying right now.

  2. We Praise God for every piece of glory he gave and showed us yesterday. He loves Blaise so much and it is so evident. We continue to turn to Him to guide us through. Seeing Blaise and God working through him brings me to tears. He is so good!

  3. You two have been such an inspiration throughout out the pregnancy and now the birth of Blaise. He is SO blessed to have such wonderful loving parents. We will continue to say many prayers for him. Brayden now gets to refer to him by name during his nightly prayers instead of Baby H! I can't wait for the day Brayden gets to meet him! Sending love, hugs and prayers!

    ~ The Peterson's