Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We Have A Walker!

Well, the "BIG" milestone has happened at the Hartwell home! Blaise is walking all on his own! He started late last week, and now will often take multiple steps across the room totally unassisted! We don't have very good video of it yet, but Mike should be home tomorrow night and I will try and get this done! We are so, so proud of him! I love this age! He totally is pure enjoyment and entertainment. I am always amazed, and love seeing him learn new things and do new things right now. I crack up all the time at the things he does! His expressions, and view of the world is just so darn awesome and cute!

Blaise has fallen quite a few times already in his quest to learn to walk, but just small bumps and bruises and it doesn't seem to bother him at all! Of course we always cheer really loud when he does good! He is coming along good on eating. As long as you feed him what he likes, he will eat it! Not big on veggies but fruit is really good! Bologna, hot dogs, chicken, pasta, bread are all his favorites. He doesn't eat too much, so I'm guessing he will stay on the small side. We need to get him back in for another weight check.

He hasn't expanded his vocabulary too much, but pretty much communicates by pointing and yelling/screaming at what he wants and we usually get it for him. Spoiled. He has a very short temper, no patience and a bit of an attitude. We will blame this on his Aunt Jenna. :) He has a very high-pitched squeal whenever he gets mad. He is still very attached to his pacifier.

If he could spend every minute outdoors he would. He loves playing with our neighbors, his Grandpa and Grandman Hartwell's dog Cartman. He has made a couple of trips to the zoo, and trips to Grandpa and Grandman Sudmann's. This past weekend was a pretty big milestone as Blaise spent the weekend in Iowa, and mom and dad got to go on their first weekend- get away with friends and without Blaise. All three did fine, and I think Grandpa and Grandma Sudmann were in heaven getting to have Blaise all weekend. He came back very spoiled.  Currently Grandpa Peg is baby sitting Blaise each day and we are very, very thankful for this. He loves to hang out with her!

Blaise has a very good alarm clock, and wakes up every morning at six. Oh well, at least he has been sleeping through the night! I can hardly believe my baby is now a toddler and a few days from 14 months old. Wow. We love, love, love every second of him. It's funny how many times a day Mike and I will look at each other and say "Man, I love this kid!"

 Helping grandpa farm from my tractor
 I love the park
 I'm pretty much a climbing machine- trying to get out of my car the wrong way.
 Chocolate pudding disaster!
 Riding my dog the wrong way
 More climbing in the car
Let's walk mom!