Monday, December 29, 2014

Photos times two

 All under the playmat

Boo at the Zoo

 Ice cream cones
 Nap time
 Bath time
 Three months old!
 carving pumpkins with papa craig
 john deere girl
 I hate the bumbo

 papa stew and Sutton
 picnic on kitchen floor

 raking leaves
 mana donna with gbabies
 helping papa stew work calves

 driving the tractor

 this one

 stroller walk
ive taken this exact photo each of the last three years

roller coaster at pumpkin patch

Friday, December 19, 2014



 Blaise riding mini ferris wheel at state fair in Sept.
 Looking at fish at state fair
 Helping our friends feed lambs at state fair
 Sutton looking pretty at state fair
 Last day snuggling on couch at home before returning to work beginning of Sept.
 Sutton two months old
 Favorite time
 My GG Herb
 Wearing my cute coat for our walk
 Threesome selfie
 Jammie time

 Playing in corn pit at pumpkin patch

 Craft time at library
Ready to rodeo at River City Roundup
 First Rodeo
 Petting zoo at rodeo
 tractor tire at rodeo
 yay riding in the combine
 our pretty girl
 moving leaves with skidloader
 hoodie time
 hoodie time
 wrestling dad
Feeding lamas at pumpkin patch