Sunday, April 15, 2012


After a very long day yesterday today seemed to be buzzing right along. We just knew that with all that we've endured over the past 24 hours something would have to turn around. I had spent the night in the PICU while Erin was still across the street at Methodist.  I made my way down to Blaise's room and his nurse was just checking on him and mentioned that they might extubate his vent tube. After that great ray of hope I went across to check on Erin as she was to be released later in the morning. We made our way back acrosss the street to find out that they had infact taken out his vent tube and was now breathing on his own. Later in the day he would start to come out of his stuper from being sedated and would show us his eyes and a little bit of his personality.
But the greatest news of all came tonight when the nurse asked us if we would like to hold our child! Of course very reluctant at first, I sat down in the chair and the nurse carefully sat our miracle in my lap. With Blaise in my lap and Erin at my side we read him a nighttime story and document our first family picture with tears of joy. This is the day the lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it!!! We can't wait to see what tommorow brings.

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  1. congrats on your little bundle of joy!!! god works in ways no one can explain!!! thoughts and prayers are with your family!!! I know Dr. Hammil and Dr. Levine... great docs!! Dr. Hammil delivered my little tike.. we spent 10 days in NICU.. was very scary.. good luck and enjoy that baby!!! LOVE the name!! congrats again!!
    Hugs~ Brandy "barn kat's little sis" McElroy