Thursday, October 30, 2014

Awesome October

Blaise had a pretty good cold for almost all of September. I'd taken him into the dr mid-month because I already thought it seemed like he had it awhile and couldn't kick it. They started him on amoxicillin. We made up a game where we stood by the bathroom sink and after he took his medicine he got to use the syringe to squirt water at the bathroom mirror. It worked getting to take his meds! At the end of ten days he started running a fever again so back to the dr and this time a stronger antibiotic. Still not much for improvement on the cold. After ten days again started running a fever again. This time I was in treynor so I took him to a children's urgent care. Finally after almost eight weeks with a terrible cold they prescribed a third antibiotic that helped kick it. At children's we learned that he still weighs around 27 lbs, he had an X-ray of his lungs and his oslxugen sats were around 82- not bad but I'd like to see higher. I'll blame it on his cold. 
He is now better and just got his flu shot this week. He did awesome just a few tears but was a super big boy!!

We've spent quite a few weekends in treynor in October and Blaise totally loves farming and helping with harvest. He will ride in the combine for hours, eat in it, nap in it etc. he definitely has farming in his blood and can tell you exactly about everything. We went to boo at the zoo one night and did a little trick or treating and Blaise got his face painted and did his first bounce house. We also went to halloween at bass pro shop. The kids and I went trick or treating on main st in Oakland. Blaise was a cho-cho Thomas the train. He told everyone what he and sutton were. Sutton was a clown wearing my first halloween costume I wore that my grandma c made me. Sutton was just two days younger than me wearing it. 

Blaise and I had dentist appointments and Blaise faired much much better than me. 

Sutton absolutely hates her car seat and screams the whole time she is in it. She still gets up around 3 and 6 at night. For awhile we thought she only turned her head one way but she is fine now. She screams during tummy time and Hayes it so we don't do it much. Her new thing is screeching/talking very loudly all the time, she brings her hands together and chews on them lots. We've also gotten her to giggle starting the middle of the month. Mike was home for two days and got her to really giggle the first time. 

Dad's home

Saturday, October 4, 2014

September recap!

IWell here we almost two months after my last post! Mike left September 3rd to do his fall trucking runs and hasn't been home since. Being a single mom if two is hard work leaving no time to update the blog. 

I'll try and catch up from where I left off. Sutton was baptized on August 24th on her dad's birthday. Her godparents are Uncle Tyler and Aunt Jenna. We had a great day and she slept through it with just a little flinch when the water was poured on her. 

Labor Day weekend we decided to do a quick family vacation to the nebraska state fair. We went out on Sunday, spent the night in the hotel and went for a while on Monday. Blaise loved staying in a hotel. He was into everything and slept in bed with mike and I. Sutton did good. Both kids did excellent at the fair watching a few livestock shows, pig races, riding on a roller coaster. 

Mike headed out right after we got back. The next weekend the kids and I headed to Des Moines for cousin Everett's baptism. The next Monday I started back to work. Thankfully it was a pretty easy transition. About the 7th or so of September Sutton really started smiling and talking and cooing. She loved just being laid on the floor and left alone to coo and smile. 

While I'm at work Jessie babysits for both kids and it works out great . At sutton's two month appointment she weighed 9 lbs 11 oz. was in the 12% for weight and around 50% for length and head circumference. She typically gets up around twice a night.

Blaise had a dr appointment for developmental clinic where the evaluate how he is doing by several different doctors. He finally weighed 26 lbs at this appointment!! He actually went through all the tests without a single tear. His pulse ox was around 83, that is ok but if prefer upper 80's. He thought he was playing the whole time he was evaluated! They determined he is right on course for normal two year old. I was even surprised at some things he knew!!

One weekend at my parents we were able to go see antique tractors at carstens farm and see hot air balloons at an apple orchard. 

Blaise's vocabulary has really taken off. Some of the things he says amazes me and cracks me up. His memory is flat out unbelievable. He'll remember stuff from long time ago out of the blue. It's fun because just recently Blaise and sutton have really started to enjoy each other. Blaise talks to her (and messes either sd is naughty) all the time .she follows him around the room and is always looking for him. He calls her sutton na/nay aka sutton Renee. He also tells you his name is Blaise Hartwell. 

She does very good st holding up her head and does it hb herself now . She started really talking and cooing the weekend of sept 6th. 

Last weekend we went to river city roundup. The kids and I stayed in a hotel room for two night . Blaise just absolutely loved the rodeo. He sat and watched it so good and yelled bucking bulls lots! He called it the horse show and was totally obsessed with it!!

First smiles!
Ice cream at state fair
State fair

Riding Ferris wheel
Two months on sept 10