Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Positive in Each Day

I just got done wrapping up another appointment with Dr. Levine. It was a pretty standard appointment this week. They did not check the baby's size this week, so no update on that. We've decided that each day God has given us many things to be positive about, even when some don't always seem that way. My post is pretty quick for today.

Ways God Continues to Bless us this week:
1) Baby H is still inside and growing- which is the best place right now.
2) I passed my Group B Strep Test!
3) We have lots of high-tech equipment available to us to monitor every single thing you can imagine, making sure Baby H is doing good!

Prayer Requests for this week:
1) The umbilical cord and brain blood flow improve during this next week.
2) The genetic and chromosome testing done immediately following birth all come back negative.
3) The coronary arteries are forming in such a way that ideal heart surgery is possible after birth.

Special thanks to our wonderful friends in Oakland for hosting and attending such a fun shower on Friday night. We feel so much love and support from you all!

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