Tuesday, April 17, 2012

     Slow and steady wins the race is what I've always been told. So today the nurses worked on increasing his feeds. For a Hartwell baby that should be no problem!  With an increase of 5ml/ feeding every three hours with the goal of 60 ml. They had added the ever unfavorable NG tube last night, this was to help him get what they wanted him to drink down. Also this morning we were informed that Blaise had also had a big night out in the PICU, the nurses decided they couldn't let him down for the night so they took him out to the nurses station to be held and passed around all night. Good to know that he is well taken care of when we leave for the night.
     Another big moment for the day was when Erin and I went out to eat off of the hospital campus by being taken out for supper by my parents. It was well needed and good to get away for just a bit even if it was for less than a hour. Once again we appreciate all of the phone calls, texts and most of all the prayers from everyone.
     Love The Hartwells

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