Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yesterday we found out God made Blaise's heart very unique. They were unable to do option
One because his coronary arteries are set up and connected very odd. In fact his heart is considered a very serious defect and is fairly close to a heart transplant candidate. Dr hammel met with mike and I about 8:30 last night to inform us he would be doing surgery at 7 this morning.

Blaise had a good night. He is on a respirator after the cath. I got to bathe him change his diaper and give him some milk on a q tip.

It's a long day will update once surgery is over. The end result goal after all three surgeries will be a one ventricle heart.

God is getting us through and providing us peace as we wait. Blaise has so much love and support! we are so thankful for God giving us the miracle of Blaise.

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