Tuesday, February 10, 2015

December Catch Up

December means Christmas! Blaise jumped right into the festive mood. We did an Elf of the Shelf named “Elf” and usually the first thing he asked each morning was where Elf had moved to. I’m not sure that he completely got what was going on, but he enjoyed it. Blaise is such a good boy at going to bed. He sleeps with a blanket and a puppy pillow and always falls asleep right away at night. We are still doing a diaper at night, but most of the time he wakes up dry. The whole family went to the Christmas Tree Farm to pick out a tree. We rode out in tractor and combine and picked the perfect one. Blaise met Santa there and his story stayed consistent through the whole month. He always told santa he wanted a grain bin and a blue truck. I’m pretty sure there aern’t too many Santa’s who get that request very often! We also took Blaise and Sutton into Omaha to meet Santa at Regency. This Santa is a very good one, and both kids sat on his lap so good and again Blaise said he wanted a grain bin. The picture turned out so good! Sutton still absolutely hates tummy time. I can’t get her to be on her stomach at all. However, the week of Chrsitmas she gave us an early present by learning to roll from her stomach back over to her back. She was 5 months old, and of course she learned this because she hates her stomach so much and wanted to get off it as fast as she could! We also started feeding her baby food and she can’t get enough of it. It goes all over her face and she chews on her hands a lot while she eats. She is a drool monster and had to wear a bib a lot in Decmeber because she was drooling so bad she got a rash under her neck. She loves to talk a lot and follows her brother around the room watching him and giggle and laughing and talking to him. She eats about 5 oz of breast milk every three hours. Her hair is turning blonde and thinning out and I think her eyes will be brown. Every Tuesday both kids go with their babysitter Jessie to storytime at the library. Blaise loves it, loves seeing his “friends” and they make a craft each week. So much fun! They also met Santa here in December. Sutton is starting to sleep a little better at night and is down to waking up only twice a night. If I’m lucky it’s only once around 4, but that’s not too often. Blaise’s favorite thing to do every morning is crawl over and look in the crib to talk to Sutton. He will say what he hears like “hi baby girl” “hi peanut” “pretty girl”. They just love each other it’s soo cute. Right before Christmas we did my tradition of putting a shoe under the tree for the elves to leave a present in. Blaise loved this as well. For Christmas, GG came up from Garden City. My parents came up from Treynor Christmas eve and went to church with us, then we all came back and GG and Monna and Papa Hartwell all came over for supper. The Sudmann’s spent the night, and Hartwell’s came back over bright and early at 7:30 so everyone was there for Blaise to come down and see what Santa brought him. He was so excited and loved all of his presents. So did Sutton- they both just took it all in. From there, we headed down to my aunts for lunch, then to my parents that night to do presents. We had a wonderful Christmas.

 On the tractor wagon ride to pick out Christmas tree
 Santa at the tree farm
 We found the "one"
 Christmas snow globe fun
 Sitting on santas lap in Christmas outfits
 Five months old
 So cute
 my three favorites all asleep
 Frosting Christmas cookies on the floor
 Playing in the sink and doing dishes is his favorite
 Grandpa and Grandma Sudmann bought me a pony named Ginger for Christmas!!!! I LOVE HER
 Christmas Jammies

 Waiting to go downstairs and see what Santa brought
 Leading her by myself
 Christmas day with cousin Everett
 Sutton is really starting to like being in this

 I'm so excited!

 Sutton got a new chair

Sutton got tap shoes!

November Catch Up

Helping feed the baby orphan lamb

 Giving Grandma Donna hugs
 Blaise loves holding Sutton- always asks if he can
 Daddy's home- getting re-introduced
 Giddy up cowboy!
 Sutton four months

 This is how I do the potty thing!
 Cuddled up in my sleeping bag it was cold out!
 I. Hate. Tummy time!
 Scrub a dub Sutton's in the tub
 who is babysitting who?
 Ready for bed
 First taste of rice cereal
 Still working on it

 Papa must have the magic touch
 Favorite thing to do- look through pictures on the phone
 Our thanksgiving butterball turkey
Happy Thanksgiving!
WOAH! Better play some massive catch-up on updates. Life is so busy, especially with Mike being gone at least 5 nights a week. I’m sure like most mom’s (especially those who serve as single parents for the most part) know exactly what I mean, but I really have no time to get much done at home besides get dinner ready and kids dressed. HA! I keep thinking that Sutton will be so mad at me for not doing a better job updating about her life and keeping track of pictures. So in advance I’ll apologize- Sorry Sutton, I try it’s just much harder to get done that when I just had one child.

November also flew by, but Mike started to be home s little more. Blaise loved every second of it! He gets pretty sad and upset when Mike leaves and says I miss you daddy I love you daddy all the time to him. I wish I really was writing down everything blaise says because it's either hilarious or amazes me. I swear he might be the next president with how smart he is! He goesnt miss a beat!! He definitely doesn't forget anything either, he can recall or remember stuff from six months ago or more: people's dogs names, where he saw fireworks at on the 4th etc.

So, what's Blaise into these days? Farming. That's all there is to it! Starting a week or two before Thanksgiving we started potty training Blaise. He took off right away, as we had been "playing around" with the potty for months. He still wears diapers at night, but other than that really only had a few accidents before he got the swing of it. We still remind him lots to go, but he does really really good. He can count to ten!! I love hearing him do it. He will mess up and count wrong every once and awhile but is coming right along with it.   He loves Sutton to pieces. She loves him to pieces. Every morning he talks to her "hi baby girl" "morning pretty princess" and she just smiles as big as she can at him.

 The kids and I weren’t able to get outside as much as in years past because the mosquitos were so bad. We helped finish up the harvest in Treynor, with Blaise still loving helping as much as ever. . Sutton started using her bumbo chair to start practicing sitting up. Still no rolling over for her at all. She turned 4 months old and got her four month shots and the doctor. Blaise came with and wasn’t too sure about it all. Sutton started eating rice cereal and wasn’t very good at it at first. She did turn the corner pretty fast, and then liked it and did really good.
We headed to Kearney the middle of the month to do a day trip out for Tyler and Danielles baby shower. Both kids did excellent in the car and the entire day. Very proud!
 We spent Thanksgiving in Treynor. I made a quick Turkey Shirt for Sutton to wear the night before. Blaise had a wonderful time playing with his second cousin Mason. God is good, and we are so Thankful for the wonderful Healthy year 2014 provided.