Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twas the Night Before Glenn Surgery

Here we are. Our sweet precious baby will be handed over around 10-11 a.m. tomorrow morning. There is one surgery before Blaise, so the exact time is not known. Today the anesthesiologist came to explain procedures. Then Dr. Hammel came up and sat with us to explain everything, specifically risks ad unplanned problems that could arise. Lots explained, lots to take in. Some I'm sure I'll never remember, and some that might take a week to process. I've never been so amazed by modern medicine or so confident in a doctor or surgeon. Tomorrow, God will be using Dr. Hammel's hands and mind to repair our baby's heart. There are no other hands I'd rather have Blaise in.

Are we stressed? Yes- but no. Are we scared out of our minds? Yes- but no. We've known about this surgery since January 6th when Blaise was diagnosed at our fetal echo. Nothing really has changed since then. His coronary arteries more or less "threw us for a loop" but our mindset remains the same. We are living the path God's paved for us. No need spending our time nervous, because then we wouldn't enjoy the smiles, laughs and wonder.

In preparation for surgery, today Blaise has a chest x-ray, EKG, bath, nose swab and blood drawn. Of course it took an arm poke, heel prick and finger prick before they got enough blood.  All that stress caused him to spit up twice. Beyond that, he's just been held. I'm guessing he hasn't been in his bed more than 20 minutes all day. Man, are we gonna have one spoiled baby on our hands when it's time to come home!! (and I'm totally okay with that!)

Our prayer warriors are so awesome!! We can all feel your prayers, and know Blaise does too! I can't even wrap my mind around how many prayers will be said tonight and tomorrow for Blaise. I KNOW God is listening!!

Lots of Love- Michael, Erin & Blaise

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