Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Update- Finally!

Life seems to be going a hundred miles an hour!

Blaise's recovery seems to amaze even the doctors at the hospital. He was considered released from the PICU less than 24 hours post-surgery and ready to go up to the 5th floor. He has lost every single tube and iv at this point. The only thing he is connected to are his leads and pulse ox, but even those he only needs to be connected to when we aren't in the room with him. What an amazing boy. He is far and away the most brave boy, and our hero. He has pooped and peed lots, and his blood pressure has gotten back under control on it's own.  He has a small pocket of fluid on his lungs yesterday, but that has cleared up today. Our struggle now is the exact same thing that brought us into the hospital- his eating.  Unfortunately, the surgery seems to have done nothing to improve his eating. They gave him until today to try and catch on by himself, but he never did so.  Therefore, this morning mom inserted his feeding tube by herself for the first time. I'm almost convinced this is as hard or as scary as giving him his shots. Luckily, once its in, it can last a month unless he decides to pull it out. Big challenge for mom and dad now- as his hands are always in his face. Feeding is the most frustrating thing Mike and I have encountered, but we try and remind ourselves that the life-threatening problem (his heart) is fixed for the time being and we can handle eating with other methods like the tube.  We still try to offer the bottle before each feeding, then feed by tube.

We pray he overcomes this and his oral aversion goes away. Right now, he screams everytime the bottle nipple comes near his mouth. Some babies never outgrow this. Lots of rumors floating around the hospital, but I believe we will be headed home later this week, without any additional complications.

To go along with our busy week, Blaise will welcome a new cousin on Wednesday in Aberdeen.

My sister Jenna is getting married on Saturday. Michael and I are beyond overwhelmed and grateful for each and everyone one of you who have been praying and so supportive of Blaise. I'd like to ask that Saturday be about Jenna and Mitch and their special day together, the most important day of their life. I'll be doing my Maid of Honor duties to the best of my ability and making sure this day is 100% about the two of them and the celebration of their love. We will try and answer questions on Blaise if we have the chance, but both would like to focus our attention on celebrating that day. We thank you in advance for your understanding and thank you for joining us as we congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Boeck!!

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