Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Blaise's appointment on Monday at his pediatrician Dr. Groppe went very well. He weighed in at 12 lbs 9 ounces, which was not a huge increase from when he left the hospital. She agreed his increase from hospital discharge to Monday was not ideal, but when she looked back at his overall weight gain from our early July appointment to Monday, he was right on track. And that's even with a heart surgery thrown in there! His is keeping right on "his" growth curve. Basically his is still in the 3% of what a normal baby his age should weigh. She did not think we needed to put the feeding tube in at this point.

This morning, Blaise went to work with me for a few hours, then we went to our first follow up appointment with Dr. Hammel and his PA Carmen. They both thought his heart looked very good post surgery, and so did his xray. They also both agreed to not put the feeding tube in, but to do weekly weight checks. If his weight drastically decreases or he stops eating, then we will put it in. His saturation levels were at 83. I thought they might be a tad higher, but this sounds pretty good to me! As of now, he more or less has no restrictions on anything!

They also informed us that we can let Blaise tell us when he is hungry! But, we can't go longer than 4 hours during the day without giving him a bottle. At night, though we can go ahead and let him sleep through the night if he chooses!! WOW!

Otherwise, we have no further appointments with Dr. Hammel until we near his third stage surgery in two years. We will just continue follow-up with Cardiologist. Let's hope it stays this way!! 

We have a feeding team appointment Monday at Childrens, Cardiologist appointment at Childrens the 31st, and a GI appointment at Childrens in September. Gotta love that place!

Blaise wants everyone to know GOD IS GREAT!


  1. Great news! I hope Blaise enjoys his sleep and lets you sleep through the night! 3% for weight isn't so bad, Brayden had his 18 month appointment and is only 8% for weight. I'm sure you are enjoying no restrictions! We will continue to pray!

    - The Petersons

    1. That makes me feel a whole lot better!! They are just little peanuts!

  2. Erin,

    I love reading your positive undates on Blaise. I am so happy and thankful everything went so well. Hope in 26 years you will be watching him get married as are we with Jake next week-end. Its amazing what doctors and surgeons can do,thanks to God. Enjoy your baby!!!!! Mick