Thursday, August 2, 2012

Glory to God! Blaise has Prevailed!!!!

Dr. Hammel just got done visiting with us. Everything went just as planned!!!!!!!!

We are so overjoyed by this news! God is so great and Blaise is a true miracle. We are SOOOO thankful for the miracle God has sent us. We are excited that we can share this miracle with each of you. Know that every single one of you made a diffrence and it's because of YOUR prayers!!!!!!!!

We pray for no complications in recovery, and all goes well.

Hallelujah GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!


  1. He is great indeed!!!! All the glory to God...always! Hugs to you all. Cannot wait to meet God's little warrior...Blaise!

  2. Hi Erin & Mike,

    Thank thank you Lord for another miracle. Hope your day keeps getting better and better. Remember there are going to be some ups and downs for awhile. We'll keep praying for all. Mick

  3. Erin and Michel. Thanks be to God and his blessing upon your little precious Blaise. We continue to pray for hIs healing mercy upon all of you . Julie

  4. Lifting up prayers for Blaise today and all involved in his care was our pleasure. Thanks for always keeping the blog up to date so we know the specific needs for our prayers.

  5. Praising God for His great work through the skilled hands of the doctor! Love to all of you. John and Sue

  6. Yea! Good news! We keep praying that Blaise has a speedy and uneventful recovery. We are so lucky to have Children's Hopital and all of the nurses and doctors.
    The Vorderstrasse's