Thursday, August 16, 2012

How We're Doing

Blaise is exactly two weeks post surgery this morning! I can't even put into perspective the thoughts from that day versus today, and the amount of things that have happened between now and then! What a whirlwind. I keep thinking life might slow and down and become "normal" but I don't think that will ever happen. Last night it really hit me how incredibly lucky we are to have the second surgery behind us, and how amazing Blaise did. God is completely to thank for all of this. I could have never imagined how awesome the Glenn surgery would go.

We now have a bit more freedom with Blaise. Since he is only two weeks post surgery, we will probably take it slow at first, but we are ready to get out and about. We will still be very cautious, and make anyone who touches him wash or sanitize their hands, and ask that anyone who has been around someone sick or is sick themselves to not come in contact with him.

This week we have been working hard on feeding still. They gave us a minimum amount that Blaise can do before we have to put the tube in. He comes super close to it every day. Mike and I are really putting off putting it back in, because sometimes it can create more problems then help with feeding, as babies start to do even less and it irritates their throats. We have doctor appointments next week with our pediatrician and surgeon, so if we can hold off until then, we will see what they think we should do. I've tried every trick possible to get him to drink. One of his favorites is being outside. So, if you see me looking crazy walking down the street feeding him-you'll know why! :) Whatever it takes!

Both Mike and I are back to work. Grandma's have been babysitting and besides worrying about trying to feed him, it's been going ok. I'm hoping that some parents out there can assure me that sleep does eventually happen at some point. I'm not sure how Mike drives when he is tired. I can hardly stay awake to make it to work and back!

We pray for continued healing of Blaise's heart and continued success is his recovery. We pray for improvement in his eating. And most of all, we thank God for all he's done.


  1. Too funny--we ALWAYS had to walk around with Charlotte while we fed her. Its like it distracts them from the fact that they are actually eating! Glad to hear that all is going well. Praying that good things continue to come your way and that Mr. Blaise can keep that pesky tube out!

    1. Oh my gosh! We try anything that distracts him!! Did it ever get any better?

    2. Unfortunately Charlotte was always a crumby eater. Part of it was because she has MSPI and had to have special smelled terrible so I can only imagine how it tasted. I actually switched her to Pediasure around 10 months and that seemed to help some (plus it's got lots of calories!). You may have seen on our blog that we even resorted to you tube videos! She always ate best when we parked in front of the computer...totally embarrassing to admit that! Hope all is well!!!