Friday, August 3, 2012

Life in the PICU

    Today was a GREAT day, we lost quite a few IV lines and are now able to be picked up. The O2 has slowly been reduced and hope to be off of it by this time tomorrow and have been able to take two ounces of skimmed breast milk when they put it in front of me. I know what you all are thinking skimmed breast milk!!??? The Dr.s' have decided that removing the bad fats and skimming the breast milk and adding MCT oil it helps with proper digestion of the good fats. In doing so they hope that the milk is not dispersed out the veins and drained off into the drain tube.

     In other news the nurses told us that we were already 5th Floor material, I say great while mother on the other hand is very reluctant to this news. We continue to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers that have been said for us over the last couple of weeks, we truly appreciate it.
     Love The Hartwell's
Michael, Erin and Blaise

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  1. Super news! Keep up the good work Blaise! I'll keep praying for you!

    Love your buddy,