Sunday, August 12, 2012


What a weekend! We are officially home! The wedding went off beautifully, and Jenna and Mitch looked gorgeous and we are so happy for them! Blaise wore a tuxedo onesie on Saturday, in honor of him being one of the ring bearers. Mitch had found it last fall, before we even knew if we were having a boy! I'll upload pictures soon!

We were able to enjoy all of the events, and Grandpa Stew and Grandma Peg babysat for us on Saturday at the hospital. We could have gone home Thursday, but with the hectic weekend we decided to wait until Sunday. Hard to believe he was technically considered free to go home exactly one week after open heart surgery. Unbelievable- what an amazing trooper and warrior!

The most exciting news of all is that overnight Blaise did awesome on his feeding!! He did 90 almost every feeding, so this morning when we got to the hospital, they decided to pull out the feeding tube and let us go home without one in. We have regulations to watch, and if he doesn't stay where they want him for calorie intake, than Mike and I will have to put it back in. So far he's done 90 and both of his feedings at home. We thank God, for all he is given us. We feel so overly blessed and can't believe all He's done for us! We just know Blaise will continue to do good with eating. 

Other than that, Blaise gets Prevacid for reflux once a day and Lasix three times a day. THAT'S IT! We don't have to weigh him, give him shots, check his saturation levels, etc. each day! He can ride in a regular car seat, go in a swing and bouncy chair etc.  We just have to keep his incision clean. He cannot do tummy time for 6 weeks post-surgery.

We will still be pretty careful about keeping him in a "bubble" to avoid illness, but will venture out to church and the grocery store and other places with him. This winter, we will go back into hibernation at our home to avoid RSV and flu season.

Tonight, we will thank God for everything he has given us. We couldn't be happier!!!

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