Sunday, August 26, 2012

A week of 1st's

     This week I had many firsts in my life, I have so many I don't know where to begin.  Well I guess I will start with mom thought I was starting to be a big boy and that maybe rice cereal would be good for me. I do like it but I think I get more on the outside of my face than I do in my mouth. Boy I sure do smile alot for mom so she just keeps feeding it to me and does these weird noises such as an airplane, train and many that to me don't make sense, hence the reason I just smile and coo makes her feel good!!!
     Another big first for me was going out to eat for dad's birthday, we won't mention how young he is! Mom, Dad, Grandpa Grandma and I went out to eat at No Wake Bar and Grill. It's a little joint across the road from Summit Lake. I was having so much fun that I fell asleep on the way there, Dad says " He sleeps just like his mother does when she gets in a vehicle." I don't know what that means I'm just a baby. It was a good time from what I can recall. There were many people that wanted to look at me and not my dad after all it was his day not mine. Sorry dad.
     My last and final first that I can recall for the weekend was that Mom, Dad and I went to church this morning as a family.  Mom was sure worried on how I would behave so I took a nap on the way there to fool them that I would behave. Once I got into the church I woke up and was the perfect little angel that was according to my parents, I didn't even make one peep the whole time.  Mom and Dad must of thought something was wrong with me, but I was just being quiet as a church mouse!
     I know that I will have many more first to come and I can't wait!
     In other news Mom has taken a job here in Oakland she will be a teller at the bank, that will be a big adjustment in my life. I would like to thank everyone that has prayed for me over the past 4 months, it has been greatly appreciated.

  Blaise Hartwell

P.S. I have pictures to upload but I'm not sure on how to download them, so mom will have to do that for me this week.

typed by Michael for Blaise

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