Saturday, August 4, 2012

Post Surgery Day 2-Update

Updated- Blaise gave us a smile this morning!!! He is such a smiley, happy baby so that was awesome to see!

We are so grateful for how amazing his recovery has gone! Our specific prayer requests for today are for him to poop and pee. They did a straight cath to remove urine at midnight, but still hasn't gone on his own. They also gave him an enema for bowel relief, we are hoping this picks up too.

Lastly, prayers for improvement to his blood pressure. This has been high since early last night. Waiting for rounds to see the doctors thoughts on this, and if they will medicate for it.

Still rumors of heading to 5th floor. We will update and let you know how the day progresses.

Update- We made it to the 5th floor a little after lunch today. A normal blood pressure should be 70 for him. His has been running around 120. They do not want it to go above 120. It went a bit lower and was 113 and 98, but the last few times has gone back up a bit. It sounds like this is not something typical for babies after the Glenn, but they've decided to watch it for a day before deciding to do something to act on it. Evidentally one of cardiologists that likes to do research read an article on a baby with a heart similar to Blaise's that had higher blood pressure. Prayers that this continues to go down.

Good news- his lower gi is working great! Lots of both pee and poop today! He is only on Tylenol for pain every six hours. How unbelievable!! I think I'd still need some sort of Morphine drip! He has an IV in his hand, his drainage tube, and pacer wires. The only meds he is getting is Zantac, and Lasix and Tylenol.

Tonight, his saturations have been running in the upper 80's. He has been fairly calm and comfortable, expect when he gets the hiccups, sneezes or coughs.

His eating hasn't necessarily picked up. Yesterday and this morning he was drinking 2 ounces (which was really good for him) but this afternoon and tonight has shown no interest and is back to his pre-surgery routine of getting mad when the bottle comes near him. We are still hoping the surgery helped with this and maybe it will keep getting better. 

Michael and I couldn't imagine being any more proud of our baby. He is the toughest person I know, and such trooper. OUR HERO!   God's blessed us more than we could have imagined! 

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  1. Erin & Mike,
    That is awesome awesome news. It took Jacob about 4 weeks to get as far as Blaise is now. Things are sounding so good. Keeping the prays going. Mick