Friday, August 3, 2012

Night #1 Post Surgery

We were finally able to go in and see Blaise around 5 last night. Due to his "stridor" or langromylasia (not sure on spelling- but basically  means weakened or soften airway) the breathing tube they put in must have irritated or affected this area more. He was able to be extubated in the surgery room, but once in PICU, his breathing was incredibly noisy/squeaky and he seemed uncomfortable. His blood gas levels were also low. They called Dr. Hammel, and he wanted to try everything before having to do a last-ditch effort of re-intubating. They tried a breathing treatment, as well as steroids to reduce swelling, and also turned him on his side to help airway open and close better. These things worked, and thankfully his blood gasses improved, and his "squeak" also improved.

Mike and I were relieved that his appearance seems much better than after this first surgery. However, he has just as many cords, ivs, wires etc, etc coming out of him. Nothing will break mommy and daddy's heart more than the cry that comes from your baby after having his chest and ribs cut open, and totally redirecting the circulation of blood in their body. So far, thank the Lord, he has been fairly consolable. He's been sucking his binky just like the Blaise we know well.

He is on 3 liters of oxygen, a sedation drug, morphine and tylenol. He has a drainage tube in, pacer wires, and central line and picc line. One of his line (not sure which) comes from his jugular vein in his neck. He also has iv access in his foot, a foley catheter, all of his lead monitors, and a brace on his wrist and ankle. He has one foot that is left untouched except for his hospital name band, which is what we like to touch :) Over night, they were able to get him off his heart rate medication. His saturation levels have been in the mid 70's.

This morning, they approved him getting some pedialite, so I was able to bottle feed him and he took 60 ml's of it! He was definitely a HUNGRY BOY! He also had his eyes wide-open looking at us during it.

Mike and I did go to the Rainbow House to sleep last night. He was under the watchful eye of two PICU nurses last night. We are so glad to have nurses we know and trust. Keep the prayers coming- we aren't completely over the hill yet, but Blaise so far has done great in recovery.

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