Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tomorrow's The Day

Well, tomorrow (Monday) is the day the doctors all meet to formally decide what to do with Blaise. We are ready to find out what they have to say and move forward. Waiting around the hospital gets pretty old, pretty quickly.

Blaise has done better eating, we are moving in the right direction with this. He is off all monitors again, so he joined us down in the cafeteria today for lunch, and went on a few stroller rides.

It's been a LONG time with no picture updates, so this one might be a bit overloaded with some. ENJOY!
 Erin setting up in our living room for Blaise's photo session

 Chatting with dad.
 Blaise was screaming, but our attempt of a family photo when dad took mom out to eat for her birthday.
 Celebrating the big 30th birthday!
 Uncle Adam introducing Blaise to the horses.

 Grandpa Craig with the horses.
 Hanging with Aunt Jenna.
 Looking at the card I gave mom for her birthday!
 Family photo the night before the heart cath.
 Doing what I do best, flirt and charm the socks of my nurses!!
 Lazy Sunday at the hospital with the Sudmann girls.
 Yep, mom and Aunt Jenna pretty much eat me up.
 Just the three of us.
 I know I'm good looking :)
Hey Nurses! Would you like some of my cookies that my good friend Annie made me?!

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