Friday, July 13, 2012

No answers today

Well today was a bit frustrating. We haven't figured anything out yet. Blaise had an echo this morning and we haven't heard results. He also had his 24 hour heart monitor pulled this afternoon and don't know the results. The feeding team came in this morning to watch him eat and thought maybe he was aspirating when drinking causing him not to want to drink. They ordered a swallow study where they have basically an xray that watches where milk goes when he swallows. Of course he acted great this round and all looked fine. They decided to have us thicken his bottle with rice cereal though to see if that would help. So far, all that's happened is the nipple gets clogged so he can suck with nothing coming out. In the end we've almost gone backward. After some frustrations of not knowing exactly what was happening it became evident as the day went on that Blaise will probably be here for a bit. After cardiology finally determines that it's not heart related they will probably ask for gibto look over him. Well nothing happens on the weekends, so that won't happen til Monday. Then I assume they will run tests making another possible day in. We are praying for the doctors to determine what might be causing the problem and whatever it is to be not serious and an easy fix. We also pray Blaise feels better soon.

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