Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blaise is back!

Blaise spent Thursday night after the heart cath still totally out of it. He came back to the room off of the ventilator and did pretty good for most of the night. About 9 pm he sat levels started to go down, so they gave him some oxygen.  He came off it by about 4 in the morning. We really didn't even try to bottle feed him because he was so out of it. He felt pretty crummy all day Friday. He slept all day, and wanted nothing to do with laying in his bed. He was only happy if he was being held. Good thing daddy was his favorite person, and he seemed to calm down every time held him. They spent most of the day cuddling. He developed a bad cold/conjestion possibly from the breathing tube, and fought that and coughing/choking. His saturation levels dropped again last night about 9, so they put him back on oxygen, and he was again off that during the night.

Today, he seems to be back to his old self, talking-flirting-cooing. He did drink 55 cc's by bottle at 9 this morning. He also got a bath.

We are now just waiting until Monday when the heart doctors all talk. We are still hearing that most recommend the second round of surgery and not a transplant.  Both come with huge risks, so we are just not thinking about those since we've known them since day one, and instead enjoying God's little blessing!

Dad's gonna be the man in charge tonight, since Mom is headed to Aunt Jenna's bachelorette party! What a great group of friends Aunt Jenna has, that all agreed last minute to move the party from Des Moines to Omaha so that Erin could make it.

We cant say it enough- but the generosity and caring gestures, prayers and thoughts of so many of you make us amazed. Blaise has touched so many, and taught us so much!!

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