Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scheduled- Thurs. Aug 2

We've just found out that surgery has been scheduled for Blaise next Thursday, August 2nd. He is the second surgery that day. It will mark exactly three weeks since being admitted to the hospital. Our prayers are going up already for healing hands that day!

Blaise is doing good hanging out at the hospital. He has had a bit of a case of spitting up/vomiting the last 24 hours. Last night was bad enough after his 9 p.m. feeding that his feeding tube actually came out of his nose. He did not enjoy getting a new one. He also vomited again this morning after his 9 a.m. feeding. He is so scared/upset/screams when this happens. Makes mommy feel bad for him!

Mike is gonna stay in Oakland for the next week to keep working until surgery. I will stay at the Rainbow House at night, swing by the hospital in the mornings then head to work, visit him over my lunch break, and head back at night.

I'm hoping to run to Oakland this weekend to re-group and re-pack. I left on July 12th just headed to work, and haven't been home since. Mike did a good job packing for me, but with our extended stay I'm in need of more things. Especially a few things for Jenna's wedding on August 11th. Extra prayers that Blaise's recovery goes smoothly enough that our family will be able to fully enjoy the wedding and celebrate Jenna and Mitch's big day! He will have about a week to recover before I'll need to be doing my "Maid of Honor" duties!

Also, I think I FINALLY figured out the comments on this thing. Many people have said they haven't been able to comment, but I "cross my fingers' think I changed a setting to allow anyone too. :) Just make sure and click on the drop down arrow when making a comment and choose name and fill out your name or choose anonymous.


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    1. We hope and pray all goes well. I'm working the Westfair Office this week. Very Hot.

  2. We will be praying for Blaise and your family. We will be in Omaha August 3-5 for a family reunion. We'll see how things are going and will maybe stop by. Let us know if you need anything!