Sunday, July 15, 2012

Let God

Nothing new to report really. Blaise will be the main topic at the heart conference tomorrow and we will know lots more after that. Today Michael and I talked about how we shouldnt stress over anything. Of course much easier said than done. However, stress gets us absolutely nowhere. There is nothing we can do to change any part of the situation except send our prayers to God, and that is what we do and find much solace with. We know he listens to every prayer said by all of us. We are ready for some plans to be unveiled to us tomorrow and learn what steps happen next with Blaise. Of course our minds wander in every direction from getting discharged tomorrow to next surgery by the end of the week. We let God be in control as he always is and Michael and I spend our time doing our favorite thing- snuggling, cuddling, talking to and playing with our sweet baby boy. Michael headed back to Oakland tonight and goes to Burwell in the morning and Montana the rest of the week. I know it was hard for him to leave tonight. Thanks for the prayers!

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