Thursday, July 19, 2012

Awesome God!

Our God is an awesome God! Dr Delaney just came to give his report. His recommendation is to go forward with surgery number two and not a transplant at this point. He will present his findings on Monday morning at the heart conference and all cardiologists will make the final decision. Listening to him describe how complex his heart is totally amazing. The one line that stuck with me is when he said "but it works for him". Just proves God knows what He is doing. Blaise is indeed young and little for the next round, but delaney said his heart pressures are perfect to proceed. We will learn more Monday. I'm guessing second surgery may be next week. For right now we will rejoice in the news we've received and know it's because of every single one of you that prayed. We have no idea how we will ever repay or thank each if you.


  1. YEAH! Great news! We will continue to think and pray for all of you!!

  2. Happy to read this today. We are standing by in prayer for you all and asking the Lord for wisdom for the doctors.
    We love you all,
    John and Sue