Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heart cath updates

We handed our baby off about 12:15. Third time we've had to do this in three months. By far the hardest thing we have to do. He was swaddled up very peacefully asleep with his pacifier in his mouth. They are supposed to call after about 45 minutes with an update. Dear Lord please watch over Blaise and his Doctors and bring us reports of good news. Just got update call. Blaise is stable. They went through his left thigh. Will begin collecting data of his heart now. 2:45 pm: no update still waiting 3:00 pm: just got called. Blaise is stable they are done doing the research. His heparin blood thinner level is still high so they are keeping him under with the cath in watching and waiting for it to cone down. They mentioned this could be a possibility.

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