Monday, July 16, 2012

Surgery scheduled

Well we've learned some of the plans. After the heart conference this morning they gave us the news that they have decided to do a heart cath surgery on Thursday at noon. This is a surgery where they go through t groin with a small camera in an artery to get a close look at the heart. They felt with how complex Blaise's heart is this is necessary. The coronary arteries are what will determine the future. If they look okay he will be a candidate for the second round of his surgeries. This is early andvhevis very young still but think he is okay weight wise. If the arteries look bad then he will be put on the heart transplant list. Dr Hammel is out of town until Friday night so if they decide to do the surgery we aren't sure yet when that will be. It could be as soon as Saturday. We are all doing okay as we realize this is all beyond our control and in Gods hands. Mike will be staying home this week and not go to Montana. We pray for Blaise's cath to go very well and him to sail through with flying colors. We pray to get the news that we can proceed with the next surgery and not the transplant route. The closest hospital for this to be done is st. Louis. We pray for our continued strength and understanding. We pray that the next few days are ones filled with great moments and experiences. Blaise has melted the hearts of every single nurse. He is absolutely the sweetest babybin the world constantly cooing talking and smiling. He is so happy!! Thanks to our prayer warriors you lift us up and I know God is hearing all we say. Prayers for our hood buddy Landon too!

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