Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chillin at childrens

Saturday is almost over. The feedingvteam came in this morning to help with his 9 am feeding. We are still adding rice cereal to his bottles to thicken them in hopes that will help. He screamed lots before his 9 noon and 6 feeding. The 24 hour holter heart monitor results have been read and from what we've been told by the floor residents is that they looked okay minus one time when heart pumped too fast. Still no word on the echo. Our nurse tonight told us Blaise is scheduled to be discussed Monday morning during cath conference which is when all if the heart cardiologists surgeons etc meet. We aren't sure exactlly what they will be discussing but his coronary arteries seem to be a topic brought up lots. At this point no discussions of gi dr or ent dr have occurred. Dr hammel the surgeon peeked in this morning to say hi. Ironic enough, it was exactly three months ago at the exact same time that he was performing surgery on Blaise's heart. We also met a family of a single ventricle baby that was born 8 days ago. Although not much further ahead of them in this process we hope we can provide them some assistance. Add baby raygn to your prayer list. Mike and I were talking tonight about how much fun it is to be Blaise's parents. We thank God everyday for this incredible baby. We feel great encouragement from all your prayers!! We know God hears every single one!

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