Sunday, June 3, 2012

Checking In

Wow! I can't believe it's been a week since a blog update! Time sure is flying by, and no news is good news! We've been busy doing the same thing around here, and Blaise has been doing very good! A few things that have happened in the past week:
- Blaise surpassed the 9 pound mark! This is probably still small for most normal babies his age, but we think he is doing very good! He lost a few grams twice in the past week, so we are upping his cc's again to 3 oz to help with increasing his calorie intake. We are crossing our fingers that this works.
- Dad was gone a few overnights working. Grandma Peg spent the night on Thursday and mom flew solo for the first time Friday night. All went well!
- Saturday morning Mom and Blaise were up bright and early to head to Treynor for Aunt Jenna's bridal shower. This was an hour and a half drive, and also the furthest just the two of them had gone. Blaise slept the whole way! Grandpa Craig babysat while the girls were at the shower. Not surprising, we found the two of them sleeping on the floor when we returned! Grandpa must have done a good job!
- Saturday night, Mom and Dad headed to Sioux City to meet up with friends for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa Hartwell got the turn to babysit!

We are reminded how great God is, and how great Blaise is everyday. What an incredibly joy he brings us all. There is no doubt that we are enjoying every single minute and every single day.

On Tuesday, Blaise goes in to Children's for a follow up with Dr. Danford, his cardiologist. They will be doing an ECHO on his heart, the first he has had since we've left the hospital. This will be a pretty big deal, as we will see very informative pictures on how his heart is functioning and doing. Please add prayers for a great report at his doctors appointment to your daily prayers :) Blaise will also be having his antifactor blood levels checked, which tells us how the blood thinner is working. It's always so sad to watch him get blood drawn. It will be a really long day for Blaise, so Grandma Peg is coming along with Mom since dad is going to be gone in Montana from Monday- Thursday.

We will update with a report from the cardiologist, and maybe some new pictures as well!

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