Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gripe Water- Made of Gold?

Blaise has had an active week. Blaise and I spent last Wednesday and Thursday night in Treynor, since dad was out of town working. This was Blaise's first overnight trip anywhere! He did great! Mom was able to take full advantage of Grandma Donna baby sitting, and went shopping!! This was the first time since before Blaise was born that I was able to go to Target and the mall. I have made it to Walmart, but that doesn't necessarily cut it! I loved being able to finally shop for Blaise, and he got a brand new pair of Sperry shoes to match his dads!

Blaise had his regularly scheduled appointment with Dr. DeMare, the doctor who works with home health care for the Dr Hammel the surgeon. We ended up spending three hours at this appointment, not to talk at all about his heart but instead about his fussiness and gas issues. Blaise had already been put on Zantac, but it did not seem to be working anymore. She prescribed Prilosec and Maalox. After starting Blaise on Priolosec, he started to spit up entire bottles after finishing. He also started to not eat entire bottles like had in the past.  Mike and I did not start him on the Maalox, and made the decision to take him off all of these medicines as they seemed to be messing with his feeding more than helping him.  We found an over the counter product called Gripe Water, and after being on it for three days, seems to be helping. Hopefully we aren't crossing our luck by celebrating early, but Mike and I are about ready to send the makers of Gripe Water our life savings as a thank you!!  Blaise is coming back around pretty slowly on eating what he needs to be again, but we are hoping this continues to improve. 

His appointment at the pediatrician also went well. He is still considered very tiny, but continues to make his own "curve" on the growth curve, so that's all we can ask. He is not allowed to get his two month shots until after his next surgery, so right now he is totally vaccine free. I suppose that is ok, as he has had to endure enough shots already!

Dad was able to celebrate his first Fathers Day! Blaise was the star attraction and got to show off for both grandpas, great grandpa Herb and uncle Adam! He loves to talk and coo and smile! It just melts all of our hearts!!! He is grabbing for his toys on his play mat too!

In very big news, Blaise has graduated to sleeping in his own big boy bed!! He moved out of room, and has been sleeping in his bedroom in his crib since Sunday. He has done awesome!! I really think he would sleep all night if we would let him!!

Thanks for your continued prayers for Blaise!!

PS- pictures to come!

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