Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Firsts

Memorial Day weekend is upon us! We don't have many big plans, just enjoying each others company. The Zantax seems to be helping Blaise's reflux, so we will cross our fingers this keeps working. We are hoping he keeps up with his weight gain and reaches 9 lbs soon!

This is the first picture I've actually been able to catch Blaise smiling! I love his coo's and how much he talks to us. He is a happy baby!

On Thursday night, Dad came home after being gone since Tuesday morning. He had gone to Texas, and then Aberdeen to get Grandpa Stew's cows. Of course, we had to drive out to the Red Barn to welcome home both Dad and the cows. Blaise seemed to enjoy the trip and slept the entire time we were at the clinic, listening to the cows.

On Friday, Blaise finally got to meet his best buddy Landon in person! Landon is also from Oakland and has also undergone heart surgery by Dr. Hammel! I think they will be life-long friends and be able to share stories about their impressive chest scars! Landon's mom Kelli and I went for a walk and pushed the boys in the strollers. I've got a bit of work to do to get in shape and keep up with Kelli! Blaise slept the entire walk!

A little humor occurred on Friday night, although it wasn't humorous until looking back at it. Blaise and I had gone to bed, and Mike went over to the neighbors to hang out about 10 p.m. I woke up suddenly right before midnight after hearing some wind and knowing it was time for Blaise to eat. Mike hadn't come back yet. All of a sudden  the wind went crazy, and I could feel the house shaking from it. I grabbed Blaise as fast as I could and flew down the steps about the same time Mike flew in the house. All I could think was that there was a tornado headed our way. It was very scary and as the lights were flickering, I  yelled to Mike that we were going to the basement and made a beeline down the stairs. This is entertaining for the fact that in the two years we've lived in our house- I've never gone in the basement because I'm so scared of it!! I'm petrified of snakes, and have always thought their might be some down there. Afterwards, Mike couldn't stop laughing because I ran down the stairs carrying Blaise without thinking twice and was standing down there barefoot holding a flashlight! Thankfully our house didn't have significant damage. We ended up loosing power, but luckily got Blaise's bottle warmed up for his midnight feeding before it went out. . At three when we woke up again, the power was still out so Blaise got to enjoy two bottles given by flashlight!

Since we got the okay for tummy time, here is Blaise practicing! He is pretty strong and can pull his head up, which surprises us because he hasn't been given much chance to strengthen his neck yet!

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  1. Erin, I just love checking in with you and your beautiful family via your blog. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you! You are handling all of this with such grace, dignity, and humor. When Blaise is ready for visitors, I'd love to drive over your way and meet him. Thanks for keeping everyone updated so that we can celebrate the day-to-date miracle that is Blaise's life!