Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thanks Dr. Danford!

Blaise's appointment at Children's went very good today! Our first stop when arriving was to the lab to get blood drawn to check his anti-factor levels, to make sure that the blood thinner he is on is at the correct level for him. He hasn't had this check since we left the hospital, so it was important to make sure that with his increased growth it was still at the right level so that the shunt in his heart does not clot. This ended up being the hardest part of the day for Blaise! They tried three times to draw blood and could never get it! It was also very hard for mom and grandma to watch. The needle they used is huge, and Blaise screamed the whole time. I thought giving him a shot myself was hard everyday- which is nothing compared to watching him through this morning! They decided to have him come back on Monday to try again.

From there he had his vitals taken, and the "official" readings were 9 lbs 2 ounces and 21 inches long. I had him at a bit more weight this morning on our scale, so who knows.

He then had an ECHO done on his heart, and he was such a super good boy during this. He just laid on the table while they put on all the gel and he kept trying to grab at the wand, as he thought it was his bottle. In fact, he even got to eat a little from his bottle during this!

Dr. Danford then reviewed the ECHO and came in to tell us, in his exact words, that the shunt looks "beautiful"! He said the blood is flowing through it beautifully and is doing exactly what it should be. He thought Blaise looked very good. I asked about his coronary arteries, and Dr. Danford said that they had not changed, and that blood flow to his heart muscles was good, and it was pumping strongly. He didn't give an indication to timeframe yet on the next surgery, so we will see what he says again next month when we go back.

All our praises to God for a great appoitment! Thanks for your prayers!

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