Friday, June 29, 2012

Back to Work!

The time has arrived- I am headed back to work on Monday. Thankfully, I have an amazing work place that has been so supportive during all of that has been happening the past six or more months. I honestly consider them my extended family. I've been able to take vacation and personal/sick days since I didn't have maternity leave and it's lasted until about now. I was able to bring my entire work computer and phone home, so I've attempted to work a few hours from home each day (much easier said than done I realized!).

Monday I'll go back to work full-time in Omaha. Blaise is unable to go to daycare, as instructed by the cardiologist and surgeons for at least the first year. We are so grateful and blessed to have mom's (grandma's) who have agreed to help us out by watching Blaise. We appreciate the time, commitment and stress this causes them and are very thankful.

The plan is as follows- wish us luck!!!
Sunday night: Give Blaise his 7 p.m. shot in Oakland, then load him up and Mom and Blaise will do the hour and half drive to Treynor in time for his 9 p.m. feeding.
Monday: Mom will do 6 am feed, pump, record Blaise weight, and give Lovonox shot, Lasix and Vitamin D at 7 then leave for work while Grandma Donna babysits.
Monday night: Mom will leave work at 4:30 p.m., head to Treynor and give Blaise his 6 feeding a little early, do the hour and a half drive back to Oakland in time to do the 7 p.m. shot in Oakland.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Mom will get up about 5 to get ready for work, then proceed with all of Blaise's requirements and drop off at Grandma Peg's and do the hour drive to work.
Friday: Mom will work from home.

Potential changes to the schedule will occur if Blaise has a doctors appointment or Dad knows he will be around to help and not on the road.

This first week will be a little different than the plan, since the 4th of July falls in the middle, Grandma Peg & Grandpa Stew are going on vacation, Dad is going to Montana and it's Mom's Birthday! Mom and Blaise will be in Treynor Monday and Tuesday, head back to Oakland Wednesday and Thursday and then go back to Treynor Friday- Tuesday.  I'm hoping we can keep all this organized!

Speaking of crazy schedules, we got a phone call on Wednesday from the surgeon's office informing us we missed Blaise's scheduled appointment on Tuesday!! We could NOT believe it! Somehow we didn't have this appointment written down anywhere! They decided to not have us make up the appointment since we go back for an ECHO on the 10th.

Blaise got his pictures taken yesterday by my friend Erin. Of course, he needed a new outfit to wear! So on Wednesday (yes, the hottest day of the year with heat warnings out) Blaise and I ran to Village Point and met my mom. I knew I could run in and out of Baby Gap in about 15 minutes and find something for him. She pushed him around in his stroller outside (since he is not supposed to go inside public areas). Luckily we went early around 10 am, she found a shaded area and there was a really good breeze. In fact, the weather was decent enough that we decided to grab a bite to each at Panchero's and sit outside with Blaise in the stroller. We were only there about 15 minutes, but this was Blaise's first experience shopping and eating at a restaurant!! (even though he technically didn't do either)

Mom did learn a very good lesson, which is to always pack two bottles and to make sure and have the bottle cooler bag upright. It was time to feed Blaise right before I headed back to Oakland and when I went to grab his bottle, it had leaked out and was totally empty!! Blaise was NOT happy about this, so I kicked it in high gear and sped the hour back to Oakland so I could feed him! He feel asleep after about five minutes and slept the whole way thankfuly!

Erin and I had a great time taking pictures with Blaise. She brought all her gear and we cleared out the living room to set up her backdrops. Blaise did great and I can't wait to show off the pictures!

 Who Me?!
 Chilling outside of Panchero's- my first dinning experience!

Getting all ready for pictures!

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