Saturday, May 5, 2012

Almost a Week at Home!

We have started to perfect our routine a little bit more. For the most part, his schedule is just like any newborn. He is required to eat every three hours, even if we have to wake him up and make him. He eats breastmilk, fortified with formula. Therefore, I am also pumping every three hours. Mike is pretty good about feeding as I'm pumping so that instead of this process lasting an hour every three hours, we've cut it to about a half hour. We mix the fortified milk about every three feedings. I can honestly say that I think I'll never want to hand wash a piece of plastic again in my life. Our counter is officially taken over with bottles, pump equipment, bottles and more. It feels like this has become our full time job- and our poor dry hands can prove it!

Blaise has really taken off, and is eating very good. On Thursday, he ate almost 600 cc's! We are still having problems with his digestion, however. His stools have cleared up a little bit but we still notice blood and he has quite a few loose stools as well. He also gets really uncomfortable and cries a lot after eating, so we think he gets tummy aches and has bad gas. We had our first pediatrician appointment on Thursday morning, and they indicated it might be lactose intolerance and suggested that I remove all lactose from my diet. I've been working on this, and hope it makes a big change in how Blaise feels.He currently weighs about 7 lbs. This is in the third percentile on the growth curve for average healthy babies. His SAT levels each night have been around the lower 80's, which is about right for him. The surgeon would like them between 75-85. All normal humans are at 100. As Blaise grows and these numbers lower, the surgeons will determine when the next surgery is. 

Blaise sleeps pretty good, and is usually awake a few hours a day. We have our first cardiologist/surgeon appointment back at Children's on Tuesday morning. So far, Blaise has done good in his car bed and his slept during our trip home and to his other doctor appointment.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, and continued prayers. Since Blaise is able to wear normal cloths now, its easy to "forget" about his heart  but we know prayers are needed as much during this time as any. 

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