Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We are really enjoying being home and getting our routine figured out. Thankfully Blaise is a very good baby! We had some pretty typical new baby experiences including mike getting spit up on all over his shirt, resulting in a midnight bath for Blaise when mom got peed on. After that Blaise slept really good the rest of the night! We've learned it will be a long time before we get a good night sleep as Blaise had to get fed every three hours whether or not he wakes up himself. Childrens nurse called us back and didn't seem to concerned with blood in stools, and will look at closer next week at our follow up appointment. I got my first experience flying solo this morning since mike went back to work. Grandma peg came over to help provide moral support during the shot. Grandma Donna came to visit for thx next two days and watched Blaise for a half hourwholee mom and dad got out of the house to run errands to the dump, bank and drug store. We are enjoying every minute! Thanks for all the prayers!

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