Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Thanks

Michael, Blaise and I have expressed our thanks on other occasions, but we wanted to make a special post recognizing our extreme gratitude for each and every one of you. Beginning back in January when we first learned of Blaise's diagnosis we've been blessed by the outpouring of well-wishes, thoughts, prayers and generous gestures by family, friends and even strangers. Learning of Blaise's heart was of course overwhelming, and not something we ever thought possible. God provided us with such a great gift in Blaise. We've built a closer relationship with the Lord, and are shown on a daily basis the goodness and kindness of so many individuals. We feel lucky to get to experience this, and feel so lucky to be parents to such an incredible boy. We learn more about God's plan for us everyday, and have always felt peace and comfort in knowing God will always provide for us.

What amazing communities both Michael and I grew up in and live.It's indeed the power of the prayer from all of you that Blaise is doing so well. We thank you for continuing to pray for him every day.. We hope each of you is able to enjoy God's miracle of Blaise just as we are. As soon as he's able to meet people, we will have one of the biggest meet and greet Blaise party's!  The numerous gifts, monetary donations, gift cards and kind words have provided more than you can imagine. Often Mike and I look at each other in amazement and awe by how supportive people have been.

We also have to give special thanks to the Oakland Methodist Church, who have so graciously decided to provide us weekly home cooked meals through Blaise's next surgery in October. Our thanks go beyond words!

Quick Blaise update: He had a pediatrician appointment on Thursday and did great! They are happy with how he is gaining weight he is now 8 lb 8 oz. He still barley makes the "growth curve" but increased from 3 to 4% in weight and length. Not surprisingly, his head circumference is 11%! Definitely his daddy's kiddo!  Yesterday we had a cardiologist appointment at Children's.  Dr. Hammel gave the "looks good" comment, and also indicated that his shunt still has increased flow through it, so it will probably be more around the 6 month time frame for surgery, than 4 month. Carmen, his PA and our main contact relieved many of mom's stresses on every day care and gave the thumbs up for stroller walks. He can also have tummy time now, can eat "when he chooses" (as long as he keeps gaining weight) and his incision chest strips don't need to be replaced when they fall off anymore. He gave his favorite PA Brittany a huge smile and she told him it made her day!

We add two more meds to his "routine" eye drops for his clogged eye duct three times a day and Carmen prescribed Zantex for reflux twice a day. For those keeping track:
 7 a:  Lovonox shot and weight measurement
8 a    Lasix and Zantex
9 a    Eye drop
3 p    Eye drop
6 p    Zantex
7 p    Lovnox shot
8 p    Lasix and Vitamin D
9 p   SAT Reading and Eye Drop

I work out! Getting a double chin though!

Crazy hair after my bath! 
Hanging in my boppy for the first time!
Aunt Jenna came to visit, so of course I had to wear my Aunt Rocks shirt!

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