Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Month & Counting

We've officially hit the one-month left mark! The warm weather makes it seem like the date is coming even faster! We are reminded daily of God's blessings & miracles- especially when Baby H get's active! We know this feeling will only multiply when Baby H actually gets here.

We are now done seeing all heart specialists until the baby actually arrives. We pray daily that God continues his healing ways, and provides the baby with the best possible option for heart repair, and long-term health.

The baby and I are now being watched around the clock. I have weekly appointments with a high-risk doctor. At my Tuesday appointment he did not estimate that baby's size, but is very persistent on keeping me on a high protein diet. I've been eating lots of eggs, meat, protein bars, protein shakes, peanut butter, milk, cheese, etc. He indicated my goal should be 100 grams a day. He also mentioned that the umbilical cord has an "increased flow", which he will now monitor very close. He said it was not too much of a concern at this point, but he will keep an eye on that. I had my regular OB appointment on Thursday, and it sounds like Dr. De Vries will still be the main delivery doctor, with Dr. Levine (high risk) assisting.

Last Saturday my sister and mom threw a very adorable baby shower for me and Baby H. It was so much fun, and we continue to be overwhelmed with the kindness, support and prayers coming from so many. My Aunt Terri from Minneapolis even made the trip down for it!

God has continued to provide us peace during the last few weeks, and we have totally put our faith and understanding in his Hands. He holds Baby H's heart is His hands, and we know He will provide all we need!

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