Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trusting God's plan & keeping the Faith

Today was a busy day of appointments. It started out with our first appointment with Dr. Levine our perinatologist high risk obgyn. It sounds like he will be taking over for the rest of the pregnancy and delivery. He was very nice. We had an ultrasound and learned that the baby looks good. It weighs 4 lbs 10 ounces at 34 weeks. He was kind of concerned about it's small size since heart babies sometimes have problems with growth. I am supposed to eat several small high protein meals throughout the day. I will have appointments once a week with him. They mentioned they could tell in the ultrasound that the baby has hair!! Just like it's daddy did when born!

This afternoon we got a tour of the Childrens NICU and met Dr. Hammel the surgeon. He is a wonderful surgeon who has performed miracles on his patients! We learned much of the same stuff as Friday's appointment, however he was less optimistic about the chances of Baby H getting to have surgery Option A. This is due to built up muscle around the right ventricle amongst other things.

We believe God's plan for Baby H and will continue to pray daily that after Baby H arrives and they can look closer at the heart Option A will still work out. We ask that you join us in these prayers. God is ever loving and we trust in him completely.

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